what are the next big releases?

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User Info: kamikaze135

6 years ago#11
Pinchekria posted...
From: kamikaze135 | #008
Right because a mediocre Pokemon game counts as big.
It's a big name title that a bunch of kiddies will have their parents buy them simply because it's a Pokemon game.

Right because only kids buy Pokemon </sarcasm>
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User Info: joelang12

6 years ago#12
for me its spiderman edge of time 10/4
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User Info: Sparkstar

6 years ago#13
Kid Icarus: Uprising

Super Paper Mario

Animal Crossing

There are more but i can't think of them as i'm typing this
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User Info: Pinchekria

6 years ago#14

From: kamikaze135 | #011
Right because only kids buy Pokemon </sarcasm>

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