MM3D hinted at by Aonuma

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User Info: Jackalfox

5 years ago#41
Nyyark posted...
He's japanese right? I don't the the 3D to 3 days pun would translate properly.

I hope it's a top down zelda and does what the color dungeon did for LA but with a 3D dungeon.

You have to remember, though; he was interviewed by an American magazine. I'm sure that, by now, he's learned what "three" and "days" are in English.
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User Info: SlimeStack

5 years ago#42
Japan uses English words in titles all the time. 3D standing for 3 Days would work fine. Dream Drop Distance uses 3 English words beginning with D, not Japanese words.

But either way, they're clearly talking about a new Zelda game and not MM.

User Info: Mickleohb

5 years ago#43
I thought this topic was about a 3D Mega Man. Sadness...
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User Info: Mariofan15

5 years ago#44
Untitled108 posted...
In the new GameInformer issue (Skyward Sword issue), Aonuma is asked in an interview if they have started development on "an original Zelda game beyond OoT3D and the rumored MM remake", he replies "I'll give you a hint, but maybe you won't understand it. It will be a game in which having 3D will mean something."

This could mean one of two things-

1) Due to the positive reception and sales of OoT and the high demand for Majora's Mask to get a similar treatment, Nintendo has decided to waste no time meeting their fans' requests (for once). 3D=Three Days.

2) There is a new Zelda in development and Nintendo has discovered a revolutionary use of 3D which will change gaming forever. 3D=Three Dimensions.

I personally vote one (I really want MM3D), because it wouldn't seem like an obscure hint if Aonuma just ment three dimensions. Your thoughts?

Your reading way to much into this. It's gonna be a new Zelda. It's to early for MM 3D to become the subject.
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