Who's excited for Spiderman?

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User Info: KGTrigger

6 years ago#11

From: SSJ4CHRIS | #010
KGTrigger posted...
joelang12 posted...
i will be getting it. saw a good article in NP recently. looks nice and then the week after i pick up Spiderman EoT i wll be getting quite possibly my next to last DS game: Alien Infestation. (The last DS game i will buy will be cod mw3 defiance)

You're not getting it for 3DS? It's supposed to be an almost identical copy of the ps3/360 version, just slightly downgraded graphics.

That's the point. Why would I downgrade for $20 less? Almost identical is still missing somethings that consoles will have and look better for it.

I meant DS as opposed to 3DS...?
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