Star Fox 64 3D didn't have online multiplayer because...

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User Info: MrFwibbles

5 years ago#1
"It would have been too expensive to do" (yet smaller companies manage online multiplayer for their games) and "We spent too much time working on the graphics to show the appeal of the 3DS as soon as possible" (they were on a strict deadline for a port?)

Basically, they rushed the game out to try to make up for poor software sales, left out advertised features, then blackmailed people into buying it by saying there would be no more Star Fox games unless it sold well.

This doesn't sound like the Nintendo I grew up with. This sounds like Crapcom.
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User Info: SF_Baha

5 years ago#2
But Nintendo is making bad decisions, not good ones. Why would you be reminded of Capcom?

User Info: simondaking

5 years ago#3
Was online multiplayer advertised?
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User Info: Steel_Shadows

5 years ago#4
then blackmailed people into buying it by saying there would be no more Star Fox games unless it sold well.

This part was not true. Miyamoto was joking.
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User Info: wave1000

5 years ago#5
Hahahha.. Capcom rushed SSF4 out and that was a port of a game of the current gen and it had online and street pass, Nintendo is just sad. How long does it take to port that junk to this system and improve the graphics while other people work on the multiplayer parts.

All that talk about pushing online then they say oh it cost to much and it takes too long. You know it would not take long or cost much if you were experinced in onlne gaming in the first place.
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User Info: CBZ652

5 years ago#6
A company ceasing a business venture that is no longer turning a proit is NOT blackmail. Please stop abusing words.

Blackmail requires a party engaging in an illegal activity and another party who gains knowledge of it. The second party uses said knowledge in order to extort the first, rather than going to the law.

Clearly, there is nothing of the sort going on here. If something does not make a business money and they continue to do it long enough, they close their doors. It's that simple. Apparently, TC would rather this scenario occur because of some misguided notion that Nintendo (or any company) "cares."
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User Info: StarlightDrive

5 years ago#7
I'm not a Sony fanboy or Nintendo hater or whatever, but I read:

"We used Starfox to make a game that people would buy, cause it's Starfox, and left out online because we were rushed. Then we sold the game at the standard $40 retail price still."

I was interested in getting Starfox, bus as I followed it's upcoming release more, I realized how rushed it seemed and just bought something else instead. Now it's basically been confirmed that the game was rushed. I'm slightly disappointed.

User Info: COlimar788

5 years ago#8
And yet Star Fox 64 3D was still way less blatantly rushed that OoT3D. The lack of online is certainly a bummer, but at least they bothered to redo the music and voice acting.

...wait, they advertized online multiplayer? When was that? :?
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User Info: LadyShizan

5 years ago#9
I thought it was because of their decision to have small cameras of people in multiplayer and if they made that online, some people would troll little kids with photos or moving images of their junk.
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User Info: Gavin_Rozee

5 years ago#10
Eurogamer interview with Dylan Cuthbert:

And what about StarFox, the title which made Cuthbert's name? Miyamoto recently went on record as saying that if StarFox 64 3D doesn't sell, Nintendo might be forced to call time on the franchise.

"He always says stuff like that," notes Cuthbert with a smile. "Eventually [there'll be another]. It's one of his characters. It'll make a re-appearance no matter what happens I think, though I can't speak for him obviously."

Bit off-topic but better than making a new one.
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