the 3ds is really getting amazing now!

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User Info: masa8mune

6 years ago#1
i mean i always loved de 3ds, but i have never bought one because i still dont have the money but, i was thinking of buying a wiiu but i cant resist those amazing 3ds game and there wil maybe even come a sequel to twewy T.T
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User Info: capgamer

6 years ago#2
Yeah I gotta say there was a rocky period with the 3DS but things are really looking up lately
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User Info: vyseskies

6 years ago#3
not really. It will be amazing when i have my MK7 and Both Monster Hunters. Ahh.. Monster Hunter! For 3DS. Exclusive S2
sry my mad english i'm not from US
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  3. the 3ds is really getting amazing now!

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