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User Info: dbz_gotenks

5 years ago#11
CommanderxGreen posted...
Wait, it's just a notification that they updated? That's silly. Everyone knows Thursday is e-Shop Day. It'd be nice if they'd push SpotPass notifications before e-Shop Day, so we know what to look forward to.

This one just says "Notification Test" as in their testing the Spotpass for eShop. I'm sure that's what they're planning to do eventually.
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User Info: Galaxy_Nova

5 years ago#12
Faelor posted...
I got the same message. Got my hopes up thinking it was announcing the rest of the ambassador titles...

Relax, it was just a notification.
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User Info: d0wner

5 years ago#13
A bit curious they would send this message out to everyone, you'd think this is the sort of test they could run internally. Anyway hopefully it's an indication of magical and wonderful things to come.
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User Info: parKb5

5 years ago#14
I got an eShop notification this morning. I thought maybe they finally changed it and organized it more.
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