Tetris in Europe

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User Info: andyp3500

6 years ago#1
After seeing the new trailer for Tetris Axis, or just Tetris as its going to be called over here in Europe, I want to pre order it. However nowhere (amazon, play, game etc) seem to have it listed for pre-order yet. This seems strange as it has been officially dated and is less than a month from release. Has anyone seen it for pre order anywhere?

User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#2
Strange, I can't find a listing either. The logical explanation is that Nintendo yet hasn't sent the game's info to retailers. The release date was just announced, so I'd expect retailers will get the info and list it shortly.
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User Info: Nin3DSFan

6 years ago#3
Tetris has only had its release date announced is no excuse. Mario Kart 7 only had its UK release announced just over a week ago, but I pre-ordered the game from Amazon way back on January 20.
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