C/D: Reggie makes better speeches than Obama

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User Info: guncrashdx

6 years ago#1

Every word outta his mouth is like God's.
My name is guncrashdx, but you can just call me TC.

User Info: CaptainRandom1

6 years ago#2
C My body is ready
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User Info: StarlightDrive

6 years ago#3

Yes I can.

User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#4

Obama's speeches are annoying and inferior to reggies
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User Info: davekaminskas

6 years ago#5

Reggie kind of creeps me out and I doubt he even plays games. Reggie needs to be dropped.

User Info: Gavin_Rozee

6 years ago#6
My Disney Epic Disney is ready.
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User Info: Endgame

6 years ago#7

Obama's speeches got americans waving american flags that weren't on fire for the first time in a very long time

what have Reggie's speeches done? get turned into stupid internet memes?
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#8
They are both marketing goons. Obama is the better marketing goon.
shoot the core.

User Info: Starwars4J

6 years ago#9
Agree, on the simple basis that it would be hard to be worse.
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User Info: kylemcauliffe15

6 years ago#10

Angry retorts sustain me. Be sure to send as many as you can my way.
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