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User Info: DarkKamonG

6 years ago#11
smokeyoats posted...
so64 posted...
Lord_Frood posted...
Starwars4J posted...
Probably because the anime is non-canon and irrelevant to the games.

Probably because the games are non-canon and irrelevant to the anime.

Which one did come first, by the way? I'm assuming it was the game, but I really don't know. Part of me wants to say it was the show.

The games.

Actually, I believe Ho-Oh was in the very first episode of the anime.

If I remember right, the bird in the first ep was actually Moltres, just drawn badly.

It was later ret-conned into Ho-oh.

User Info: keyblader1985

6 years ago#12
I have always wanted an Orange Islands-based game. I love how it's totally different from regular gym battles, and everything's water-based.
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User Info: AznRock726

6 years ago#13
In the early original eps, wasnt there some chick instead of James? O.o
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