What do people want from Nintendo anyway?

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User Info: crazyray47

5 years ago#11
They expect to much out of a company that has given so much already

User Info: simondaking

5 years ago#12
50 club nintendo points on their birthday.
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User Info: Megaleg

5 years ago#13
Wi-Fi in every single game.
Despite what you might think, Nintendo, as a company, missing a holiday as big as this for one of their game releases? Yeah, real damned smart.

User Info: Foofyhead

5 years ago#14
They want everything, and they can't have it.
By the looks of your responses and your username I cant honestly take you seriously.
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User Info: vyseskies

5 years ago#15
maybe umm.. games?
sry my mad english i'm not from US
08/11/11- 12:36 PM : This Ridley we know today won't be playable.
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  3. What do people want from Nintendo anyway?

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