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User Info: badgraphix1

5 years ago#21
CorruptedRPG posted...
You can skip that "other" Mario 2 *coughDokiDokiPanic*

But the Mario team was more involved in Doki Doki Panic then they were in Lost Levels.
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User Info: Cloud789

5 years ago#22
Did everyone forget about Zero Mission or something? It's different enough from the original Metroid to warrant a play-through.

Personally, I would play SMW2:YI too if you want to play through all the Mario games. It's a fantastic game and was still part of the Mario series until the release of Yoshi's Story ~2-3 years later. Possibly also include Wario Land, as it's also a fantastic game, but do know that neither game is truly part of the Mario franchise.

My own personal thoughts on the Donkey Kong franchise games: DK94, DKC, DKC2, DKC3, DKL, DKL2, DKL3, DK64, DK:JB, DKCR. No need to play the arcade games. If you have trouble finding the bongos for Jungle Beat, remember that you can always just pick up the New Play Control! version for Wii.
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