They need to make a new ... for the 3ds!

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User Info: phildool

5 years ago#11
helldews posted...
how was the wii game and the second DS one. i played the first one and hated it so i never bothered looking at the sequals but i heard they were better.

In Beyond The Portals you can control your spectrobes directly and in the wii version you aren't completely under powered. Look up some gameplay videos and such.
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User Info: Skul_

5 years ago#12
I liked the first one, but didnt really like no2. But yeah. New one would be nice. :D
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User Info: Mario_Bones

5 years ago#13
Never played the Wii one but really liked the DS ones. With a bit of polishing of the formula and mechanics another game would be great.
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