So what's next for gaming? Holograms?

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User Info: darkqueenhelba

5 years ago#1
You think it'll ever get to an affordable point for gamers/developers? Or is it even worth it for a gaming experience? What do we look toward now for gaming innovations?
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User Info: vJESSEv

5 years ago#2
you mean like Time Traveler?
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User Info: Lord_Frood

5 years ago#3
I'd like to see all knowledge and technology of video games get wiped out, forcing us to start over.
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User Info: 1gecko

5 years ago#4
What I thought of when I came into this topic.
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User Info: Mario_Bones

5 years ago#5
Lord_Frood posted...
I'd like to see all knowledge and technology of video games get wiped out, forcing us to start over.

Activison would panic because they'd actually have to work on the COD series then.
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User Info: kingwandymion

5 years ago#6
holovision replaces television. NUFF SAID.

User Info: AP3Brain

5 years ago#7
I have always wanted the complete first person experience. That being... like sensors all around you and on you tracking your movements and you are wearing a visor so you can see whatever is happening in the world.

Mix this with like a sharp shooter move controller and it would be pretty cool! Or maybe a sword and shield but it would be hard to move. Yeah.. walking or running is the hardest to do with this idea... Kind of works with the sharp shooter though.

Of course this will probably not happen ever not only because of costs but because it is just not practical as it would take up a lot of space when in use. Plus too much time to set up.

Holograms I can see a future for but there would have to be holographic TVs first and I am not sure how they would look like... Like large cylindrical tubes that you can view at different angles? Because you can't have holograms magically appearing around you unless you have a whole room set up with projectors ala holodeck but I just don't really see that happening...

Edit: You know what else would be cool!? A specialized Gundam game where you are in a chair that resembles a Gundam's cockpit and you put a visor on to give the first person experience. Then you just control the Gundams like they do on TV!! (of course... I have no clue how they do that...usually with like two joysticks and buttons but it really doesn't make that much sense with the moves they perform...BUT maybe the Japanese know!).

If they perfect like visor technology there are a lot of possibilities I think! Sure the Virtual Boy was a complete failure but they should try something more refined and advanced.

User Info: robulastage

5 years ago#8
You know what would be cool in a game system? Biotechnology! My prediction: in 60-80 years we'll have it. :p
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User Info: AP3Brain

5 years ago#9
Omg! I just conveniently watched a freddie wong video that applies to this hologram business.

Now this would be AWESOME!


5 years ago#10
Holograms sound like a good idea. I never rely thought of that. But, I think we'll actually be able to get IN the game probably in 100 years. Imagine playing the people who'd be playing sims? Making kissing faces to virtual people.. Haha. But, really, that sounds cool. Call of Duty 789 will have that feature, and have a new story! But have the same online features, with new maps.
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