anyone think they should put lion king 3d on the 3ds?

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  3. anyone think they should put lion king 3d on the 3ds?

User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#1
i wouldnt mind watching it on my 3ds

i havent seen it at the cinemas yet (and i doubt i will, since i hate wearing the glasses)
but i would totally buy a 3ds video cart for lion king! (i have the remastered dvd too)
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User Info: Wetterdew

6 years ago#2
Buying a cartridge to watch it makes me think they'll charge a lot. I'd rather have it on the system itself. But downloading it wirelessly would take ages, considering how long it takes to download a simple E3 video. So streaming it would probably be best.

Netflix should get to it...
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User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#3
Nah, it's a gaming machine. I don't get all the love for turning into everything but the kitchen sink. More power to the people that do like this, but I only buy games.
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User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

6 years ago#4
3D video carts are never going to happen. You have my personal guarantee on that. Now, if they came up with some sort of app to watch 3D movies, sort of like pay-per-view, I think that would do quite well. If only Netflix offered 3D playback...
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Final Fantasy2389 6 years ago#5
It probably won't happen, but I want capcom to go through their disney games they made and release them in some type of compilation game for 3DS. Maybe put Lion King, Aladdin, Mickey and something else together on the cart along with some bonus stuff or something. I'd buy it. | | | |
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User Info: objection55

6 years ago#6
yes, yes, yes i would love to watch the lion king in 3d on my 3ds!
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  3. anyone think they should put lion king 3d on the 3ds?

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