Divided between what ought be my next console ...

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User Info: trenken

5 years ago#11
This is definitely a no brainder. I own all these consoles, and PS3 is by far better than the rest that you listed.

There's a ton of great games out for it, and it plays bluray movies, if you have an HDTV.

The Wii really doesnt have much coming out since it's going to be replaced next year, so you would be investing in a console at the end of it's life. The 3DS obviously doesnt have much worth playing. Check back next year. And the Vita isnt even out. It's not even coming out this year I don't believe. Thought that was a 2012 thing.

Yeah to me the choice is very obvious here.
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User Info: ssbmrocks

5 years ago#12
PS3 also has access to good RPG's (You can get Final Fantasies 7-9 for the PS1 through the PSN). I mean all 3 consoles are good choices, I have all 3, so look up some of the games on them all and choose wisely :3
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User Info: Discomaster

5 years ago#13
Well Vita is the most expensive route, and you won't be able to get it in December unless you're planning on importing from Japan. Importing it will make it even more expensive, and you'll only be able to play games in Japanese until the North American release sometime next year. Even when it does come out, if you plan on buying inexpensive content (PSN) you'll need a large proprietary memory stick which will be bloody expensive as well.

Wii isn't worth it with Wii U not too far around the corner. May as well wait on that since it will not only be compatible with all Wii software and peripherals, it will also be in HD.

3DS is a worthwhile purchase since it plays any DS games you may not have played yet, and there will be some great games coming out for it in the next year.

PS3 is a worthwhile purchase as well with its massive PSN library and decent retail library as well. Plus, it makes a great media player being able to play DVD, Bluray and downloaded videos, as well as embarrassing home videos if you so desire.

User Info: Bridge_Hanson

5 years ago#14
If budget is an issue, I'd rule out the PS3. The system and games are going to be much higher than a handheld or the Wii.

If you really want a console system, that would make the Wii the way to go. Aside from the library of Wii games available, there's also the Virtual Console for cheaply priced classics and reverse compatibility with the Gamecube (which I personally feel had better games anyways). The Wii is cheap and the games aren't expensive either.

If you really want a handheld, I'd recommend the 3DS, but mainly because I've never owned a PSP or a Vita. 3DS has some cool games available, plus if you don't have a regular DS your potential library is greatly expanded by all the great DS games on the market. And DS games are very cheap now.
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User Info: WesternShotgun

5 years ago#15
Thanks for all the input! I think I'll most probably get the PS3 or 3DS. PS3 since there's FF Versus and Tokyo Jungle after all, and 3DS for stuff like Bravely Default like people mentioned earlier.
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