Where do you go to find people on Streetpass?

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User Info: yab

6 years ago#11
I got one at a restaurant today. Wish I was still in college though, that seems to be the easiest place to get them.

User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#12
I wander campus, occasionally go shopping in a mall and once in a long while go to the movies and have often found streetpasses at each. Campus being the most common, since there are like 3 other people who always have theirs on them.
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User Info: Bonggoblin

6 years ago#13
I haven't gotten a single one at college yet. Not even in my programming class, where there is a guy sitting behind me that has a Zelda backpack. The most I got at once was 5, and that was at Lollapalooza.
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User Info: Shellshock

6 years ago#14
NebulaBlue posted...
College is where I've gotten the bulk of mine recently

Also, for anyone that would think that NYC is a StreetPass gold mine, sorry to break your expectations ;_; StreetPasses are uncommon, even in Manhattan.

You're dead wrong on that one, buddy. Streetpass literally is huge here. Check out StreetpassNYC.
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User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#15
Most often the mall.
I've gotten a few at Target and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, lol
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

6 years ago#16
I'll let you know when I get one.
Day one purchase, still 0 passes. lol
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User Info: Jamirus2

6 years ago#17
I havn't gotten one yet, either =(... I work next to a gamestop, and take mine everywhere, too. Even got a sweet case so it wouldn't break in my pocket!
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