Why is glasses free such a big deal?

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5 years ago#31
Yeah, it was at one point, but it's very rare to see it happening. Plus: they could have done a RealD3D system and it's just like a pair of sunglasses.
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User Info: Korlithiel

5 years ago#32
XspunkyX, being a glasses wearer if it required glasses I would feel like I have to choose between seeing 3D or having it in focus. It's a non-option, as I wouldn't have a reason to purchase such a system.

I'm also not the only one out there who dislikes having to wear glasses, let alone have to pull out a pair and put them on just to enjoy gaming looks rather peculiar in public, and nothing short of contacts resolves this (and that would create it's own host of issues).

Worth noting, most people have an issue using a stylus. Note how phones with touchscreens are popular now that they don't require a special pen, and it's because people would lose the stylus.

So, it comes down to portability for the most part. The extra accessory required to carry and put on is an issue, made more so for those without the extra storage in their regular clothes and/or those who wear glasses normally. There are issues inherent with glasses 3D as well, Nintendo clearly felt that limited viewing angle was a non-issue and for me that's how I view it, as it makes it harder for others to just watch what I'm doing.

As for making glasses optional, that would require a redesign of the 3DS and require software be redesigned for it. All existing 3DS games wouldn't work, while newer games would have to detect which system they are being played in. It's basically worse than if developers just stopped using 3D because the costs would be enormous while the benefits would be miniscule.
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User Info: OzymandiasIV

5 years ago#33
People do play portable systems on the go. Many probably play them in long car rides, or take them with them on trips. Just because you go downtown or to the mall food court and don't see a lot of people playing them doesn't mean they aren't playing them on the go.
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User Info: elihuaran

5 years ago#34
IMO, the issue is that the glasses are already fairly pricey. If the 3DS were in need of said glasses, then logically, the price would have been jacked up higher than the $250 launch. You saw the s***storm when it was at $250? Imagine how many complainers there would be if the price was higher because of the glasses. (Also who the hell would want to use 3D glasses with a handheld? Where would you keep them when not in use and on the go?)

For home console/Blu-Ray 3D use? I don't really see an issue with it, mostly because we simply don't yet have the capability to do glasses-free hi-def 3D cheaply. I agree as a glasses user that sometimes using 3D glasses for home use can be a bit unwieldy, but it can be an experience one could get used to. The only objection is that, once again, them glasses aren't cheap. 3DTV's are decent enough to usually bundle 2 pairs, but what if there's more people wanting to watch? Then the price goes up per person. Mind you, on top of the already pricey 3DTV, it's not too bad, but if you buy them in a different purchase a few weeks later, then it feels like you're paying more.

But, that's just my $0.02

User Info: Bahamut_10th

5 years ago#35
Putting something in your face, or worse, glasses over your glasses to watch or play something VS watch/play as if it was the good old 3d-less screen...
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#36
scotpelk posted...
Kill_Jill_Vol_1 posted...
Because then people with glasses will complain and the cycle of *****ing starts all over again.

^Someone who gets it.

Yeah basically this. I wear glasses and it would annoy me to have glasses on top of my glasses.
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