Nyko Powerpak question.

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User Info: Nekoakuma

5 years ago#11
Blood_Nights posted...
PokeMaster posted...
Spiffy247 posted...
Most of the people here said it was a good idea to get it, actually.

Actually no. Those who suggested getting it were just finding a way to retaliate against the supposedly poor battery life (ie; people that don't know how to manager power).

Many people, myself included, advised against Nyko battery and offered other solutions such as portable usb chargers, etc.

I've got a battery powered one that gives me 1 anf a half full charges, as well as a solar powered one I picked up for 1700Yen.

ALl work with my 3DS, PSP, Phone and most of my other electronics.


Plus, order uhm off of *Insert sales website that starts with Am as to avoid "Advertising" and yet another bad moderation because moderators hate me (waits for mods)* and you'll most likely get them for pretty cheap.

All the ones I've seen on Amazon are exensive-ish for me. I picked up one for 700Yen (Equiv to about 5-6USD at time of purchase). It's just a no-name battery case that has a female usb port. You can also make one yourself easily.
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User Info: simondaking

5 years ago#12
I've seen mostly positive comments about it here and other places. I won't be buying it though.
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User Info: belkotar

5 years ago#13
I promise you, the Nyko batteries for the wii has failed for me, my friend luis and my other friend glenn. i don't think it's a stroke of bad luck.
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