What r u more excited for? Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 3D Land, or Paper Mario?

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  3. What r u more excited for? Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 3D Land, or Paper Mario?

User Info: fallenKlNG

6 years ago#51
LightHawKnight posted...
From: fallenKlNG | #063
Haha well I'd edit my original post to include MK7 if I was ranked high enough. Like I said, I didn't think to add it since I personally don't see MK7 to be anywhere near the same league as the other 3 games. After seeing some of the other posts, I guess MK7 is more popular than I thought.
Not in the same league?! Have you not been around for the past few years?

I have, and I know the MK series have been really popular. I assume the MK games got so much popularity because it's so casual, simplistic, and repetitive. I figured it got so much sales due to it's popularity with the children.

Here on Gamefaqs, all users are teens and adults, so I thought most of the users here would consider LM/SM3DL/PM to be on a higher league due to their more complex (but still casual) gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna buy MK7 at some point, but I just don't see it as something to get too excited over.

Well, I guess I underestimated Mario Kart. I've learned my lesson. :P
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User Info: Homie_202

6 years ago#52
Thats tough but I would have to go with Animal crossing. LOL but on a more serious note I would more then likely pick either luigis mansion or super mario. I am excited for Paper mario but I have not seen much on it.

User Info: lSnuggsterl

6 years ago#53
Paper Mario

Not interested in Super Mario Land.

Luigi's Mansion 2 is a maybe rent from Gamefly.
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User Info: shinigami820

6 years ago#54
I'm more excited for Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D Land.
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User Info: housemonkey

6 years ago#55
I am a little more exited about Paper Mario, but still planning on getting SML3D.
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User Info: Miznia2

6 years ago#56
I thought all three trailers looked great, though I don't know anything about the LM or PM games. Actually I'm really puzzled what kind of game Paper Mario even is...

User Info: CloudStrife630

6 years ago#57
Im getting all 3 of them. I love Paper Mario games, but I'm going to give Luigi's Mansion 2 a slight edge. Just because I've been waiting for a sequel since the first one.

User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#58
All 3.
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  3. What r u more excited for? Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 3D Land, or Paper Mario?

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