revision ? why are peopel talking about this

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User Info: Golden_Mean

6 years ago#11
The way I see it, in the inevitable redesign(s), for Nintendo to keep trying to uphold the notion that the slide pad is optional means they can either....

1) abandon the slide pad and label it as a near-pointless peripheral solely for the first gen 3DS (slap in the face to first gen owners who support it)

2) limit the size-related optimization opportunities in the redesign to conform to the first gen attachment (counter-productive to the design process)

3) create a new attachment each time to fit every redesign (uneconomical in the long run and resulting in backlash from consumers who bought the slider pad in the first place, and those who want to use it are forced to keep buying a new one if they want a new gen 3DS)

4) or just add another slider pad and have free reign on how they want to redesign the system, as well as giving everyone the convenience and utility of dual sliders in one fell swoop. (IMO the most economically sensible option)

Just a thought.

That second slider pad being built-in is only a matter of time.
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User Info: Discomaster

6 years ago#12
Everyone seems to think that Nintendo is going to release a new version of the DS which will have dual analog control. I'm no naysayer, but I think it's funny people keep bringing this up. Sure, it could happen, but everyone who goes on to say they'll wait for it... I'm not sure they understand how long they'll be waiting for that. I predict around summer 2013 is when it may see the light of day. Here's why:

There was big buzz about this conference that Nintendo was having just before TGS last month. It was believed that at this conference Nintendo had some big 3DS news up its sleeve, and it was predicted that Nintendo would unveil the dual-slider attachment, and a hardware revision that included the second slider to be released later. The conference, which was also broadcasted live on the internet, made no mention of either. The only 'revision' was the same thing, but pink, to appeal to the female gamer crowd. The slider attachment wasn't mentioned at all until after the conference. Turns out the big announcement was a whole new Monster Hunter game being unveiled.

Since then people still go on about how it's just around the corner, then even more news came out about a week ago. A new 3DS will be available soon... The same thing, but white. And people STILL think a revision is just around the corner! Nonsense. If you smell a new 3DS around the corner, I can assure you it's there. But that smell isn't of a second rubber nub on the console, it's the smell of a new coat of paint. Nintendo is going full force with new colors, and I suspect there will be another 5 colors released over the next year before they even consider rebuilding the hardware. In fact, if they rebuild the hardware and include a second slider, I suspect it will be an XL version of the handheld, and it would include the extra slider just because the system will be too big to fit in the cradle.

That's just my two cents anyway.

User Info: sebetai

6 years ago#13
I think the bottom left of the top screen may have a permanent scratch. Not sure if i was able to wipe it off. Not very visible. I'm keeping a Kleenex between my screens. Wish i kept that cloth it came with but how was i suppose to know?

I do believe 3DS will get a redesign but Wii U? I could imagine a bigger hard drive but does Nintendo ever do that to home consoles? Maybe other than Japan? Also like i said, the slide pad extension should come with the redesign and double as the charge cradle and possibly battery extender. Plus i do think it could be a replacement Wii U controller.
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