What do you want in a Portable?

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User Info: Sparkstar

6 years ago#11
Thank you for reading my signature. Have a nice day.
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User Info: 1gecko

6 years ago#12
MicroOmegaMan posted...
1gecko posted...
My iPhone. . .Nobody would want to steal mine if they have one exactly like it.

Oh. I think he's serious. Hm. Most people don't want frank advice over the internet, so why would I bother.

Oh, I'm not. I thought people would believe I was joking, honestly. Guess not.

But I was serious about the 3DS portion, I don't like bringing it outside because of those reasons. Especially since I paid for it at the full price of 250$. If I was to lose it I'd be devastated, especially since I'm a 15 year old child without a job.

Same goes to my iPhone. I usually put it on my lap when I'm outside, so if someone does attempt to steal it I'd feel the oddest sensation of you know what.
It's "their" not "there" you 12 year old. - Diz44
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