Can i delete everything?

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User Info: refmon

5 years ago#1
Just bought this new and it still has pictures username etc in it. Wondering if I can, how?
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User Info: flipzas

5 years ago#2
When you go to System Settings, tap Other Settings, go right to the last page and tap "Format System Memory".

This should delete everything, and make your 3DS go to the setup screen the next time you turn it on.

User Info: TNT4212

5 years ago#3
if you got it new it shouldn't have anything on it yet. just go to system settings than other settings, now goto page 4 and click format system memory.

User Info: AP3Brain

5 years ago#4
Um..If you bought this NEW and it has been used you should complain to whoever you bought it from....

User Info: Dragongod165

5 years ago#5
Delete ALL the things!
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User Info: netman70

5 years ago#6
Just what the first two posters said, system settings, other settings, page four, format, done.
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