Monster Hunter will not have online play

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User Info: BossBang

5 years ago#31
PikachuMittins posted...

I partly agree with you fellow poster, if capcom were to localize it and not get enough juice from it, itll probably discourage them and not localize MH4 :(

THIS. I hope they don't localize. They need to make as much as possible if they bring it to the US so that we can see more releases in the future, and a half assed product won't do that.

This pisses me off beyond belief.

Does ANY game developing company know what the HELL they're doing these days?
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User Info: ss_beelzebub

5 years ago#32
Um i dont think its a deal breaker, it will still be an awesome game. people are so...snotty spoiled little err

User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#33
nonexistinghero posted...
That's rather selfish, since the single player portion would be exactly the same. There just happens to be an online portion for those that do have the means to use it.

no, if there was an online mode then the content for single player mode will be locked out
^like all monster hunter games with online (imagine playing tri offline only... you wont get access to 2 months jho and alatreon as well as many of the +rank armour)

if a mh game has an online portion (by that i mean real online and none of that adhoc party/xlink kai tunnelling) capcom will block off content..
why? because mh is p2p in japan and it would be stupid to give single player gamers free access to p2p stuff
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User Info: PSI_IKE

5 years ago#34
Natureboy99 posted...
SegaFan2K1 posted...
I don't care if the old games didn't have online. The series need to evolve and include online play. No online for this, no buy.

Here's hoping to 4.

Welcome to MH, a great franchise that Capcom goes out of it's way to keep on the least powerful platforms, but deserves to be on the strongest. I'm the guy that got a Wii just for Tri (which has great online). I'm not sure I can justify a whole system again for a game that's WORSE than it's predecessors. Even the PSP ones had online play through the officially supported ad-hoc party.

You are just so pleased with this news aren't you
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User Info: Natureboy99

5 years ago#35
ss_beelzebub posted...
Um i dont think its a deal breaker, it will still be an awesome game. people are so...snotty spoiled little err

Tri was an awesome game. This is basically a port of Tri except with a few new monsters, and no Online. I would prefer the online, so it's basically a worse version of a game thats already out. Even MHP3 can go online officially.

User Info: DahlVaughnni

5 years ago#36
50 bucks says mario kart 7 will have their online cut before it ships.
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User Info: brStalker

5 years ago#37
So, in the other topic that says the same thing we scared all the trolls so they made this one?

EDIT: You were right, Wynters, it was a trap. But one that sprung a bit too early, IMO
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User Info: Nergy15

5 years ago#38
Not surprised, really. Then again, nor do i care for online multiplayer.

It's never hurt Monster Hunter's playability before. Monster Hunter is one of those games that is way more fun in person with friends. Online mulitplayer was simply a convenience. Japan never really cared for online multiplayer as they go out of their way to play in person anyway.

But us in the west prefer the convenience of online. It's a shame to not have it, but honestly, it won't matter. Monster Hunter is still Monster Hunter.
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