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User Info: GameMaster14GM

6 years ago#21
Erick GM14 1590-4689-0365

User Info: ramsean

6 years ago#22
good old capcom, gotta love the greed
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User Info: urmomishawt04

6 years ago#23

From: AchievmentFreak | #020
Alright thanks guys. I usually get my games 20-30 dollars more cheaper anyways since I buy my games at K-Mart

Good man. But I'd still pre-order at Amazon for $40 until it's confirmed KMART has a gamer coupon.
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User Info: FKRW4Life

6 years ago#24
BirdGas posted...
Keep in mind that higher price isn't simply due to 4GB carts. There's also a hell of a lot more manpower involved, people to get paid, and resources to be used. That costs money, you know. If MGS ends up being a normal price with a card that's the same size, it's because the game has already been made, it's just being optimized for the system. That's still costly, but the creation element has already been taken care of. It's just reallocating things properly.

I usually challenge people who don't understand costs to try to justify, from a business standpoint, why games need to cost or sell the way they do, and the way most people answer, they'd run a business into the ground. I don't always think it's fair either, but usually instead of complaining, I vote with my dollar.

Just curious, do you feel movie companies would be justified in charging 30 dollars for movie tickets for movies that cost them 300 million dollars to make, compared to say 10 bucks for a 50 million dollar movie?

User Info: dreamstealer111

6 years ago#25
whoa I had no idea this was 50 bucks. I think its worth it but oh my gosh. Im going to have to wait for a deal or get a used copy. Im not complaining but im older now and need to budget my money. Plus im going to need to buy that circle pro thingy because Id honestly dont like aiming with buttons.

On the game itself: Im so glad its not entirely shoot shoot shoot like 4 and 5. I love the series from 1-3 plus code veronica. Looks like the older games just with a different perspective.

User Info: wiz0_0

6 years ago#26
Eh, I might wait for a used copy too. However from what I saw from the game it looks very well worth the money.
<~The wiz~>

User Info: hydradragon

6 years ago#27
Just buy it from amazon. They are selling it for $40 there.

I cant wait until Crapcom charges for HD, duel layered disks and/or multi-disk games. I mean, we all know how Super Smash bros Brawl was $60 because it was on a duel layered disk or that time Resident Evil 4 (GCN) was also $60 because it was on two disks...
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User Info: DavCube

6 years ago#28
Way to guarantee sales there, Capcom. Making the game the most expensive on the platform for next to no reason. Because that always works.

User Info: Second_Chances

6 years ago#29
DavCube posted...
Way to guarantee sales there, Capcom. Making the game the most expensive on the platform for next to no reason. Because that always works.

More like "Because they don't want to lose money with almost every copy for the first million or so".
Second Chances sure are great. It's nice to be back, GameFAQs.

User Info: abort_mission

6 years ago#30
i bet it doesnt even include mercenaries mode like the previous ones since they decided to sell that as its own game. that would make this the most expensive Resident Evil if you take that into consideration. youre getting less game for about the same price.

4gb card costs $10 to make? im not buying that one second. yeah they might cost a few cents more to manufacture. but $10? no way.
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