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User Info: Crisco123

6 years ago#1
Hello my name is Derek and I'm having trouble meeting people where I live that have a 3DS. So I'm hoping this post will help get my friend code out in the open. I will add you if you post in this topic so please do the same with me. Thank you!
3DS FC 4983-4937-1975

User Info: debs81

6 years ago#2
I've added you from the other topic :)
3DS FC: 1891-1400-5576

User Info: Twilightwolf444

6 years ago#3
I think I already added you...
US Aqua Blue Ambassador 3DS FC: 5198-2493-9347
Send me a message with your FC if you want to add me.

User Info: melchiahdim

6 years ago#4
Added! FC in sig
3DS Friend Code: 5155-3149-8066

User Info: GeminiX7

6 years ago#5
~The Devil's Marionette~
Aspect of Madness: Schizophrenia

User Info: Boney010

6 years ago#6
Crisco, I also added you from the other thread. You still haven't entered mine.
My 3DS FC: 1332-7760-6232
My YT channel
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