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User Info: DktrDeath

5 years ago#1
i feel like adding as many people as possible to my friend list. anyone willing on participating, give fc and user name
3609-1147-5599 Jacob or DktrDeath
Waiting for: PS Vita, Resistance: Burning Skies, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Luigis Mansion 2, KH DDD

User Info: jttucker13

5 years ago#2
Please add me. Don't have any online multiplayer yet, but will be getting MK when it comes out. One of these FC topics should be stickied.
3ds friend code 3136-6728-1749 pm me if you add

User Info: _Shikoba_

5 years ago#3
Definitely add me as I want to get as many as I can as well for when the multiplayer games start rolling out (Mario Kart!). I currently have RE mercs, Mario Land, and Pokemon Rumble.
Name is Daniel, FC is in the sig, if anyone else adds me let me know, thanks!
3DS FC: 3909-7542-9022
Winners don't eat meat. - William S. Broccoli

User Info: GastonRabbit

5 years ago#4
In signature.
May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.
3DS: 1203-9227-6105 (GastonR)

User Info: monotone_asian

5 years ago#5
check sig
3DS FC: 2062-9177-0859

User Info: wkad

5 years ago#6
anyone wanting to add me is appreciated. I'll add everyone. My fc is 0516-7559-3835

User Info: BlckLghtShningD

5 years ago#7
here's my fc
FC: 1934-0717-9119

User Info: jose_ole1

5 years ago#8
Add me tc fc in sig
3ds FC 4253 3721 5818
Pokemon black Fc 1077 0047 7294 Name jose

User Info: Hydraxis93X

5 years ago#9
Awesum ive also been trying to do this im new to gamefaqs my fc is in the sig and name Hydraxis.
3DS FC:3652-0764-2013

User Info: hesu2000

5 years ago#10
everybody can add me all add yall
Gandpa's so old. That when God said "Let there be light:" He fliped the switch.
3ds Friend code: 0817-3746-6686 Name: Hetsu
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