I have $30 to spend on the eShop

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User Info: Krion64

6 years ago#1
What DSiWare, 3D Classics, 3DSWare, and VC games should I get?

I already have:
-Link's Awakening DX
-Aura Climber
-A calendar app
-A diary app

I like:
-"Creation" Games
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#2
get Freaky Forms, Kirby's Adventure 3D Classic, Metroid II
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User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#3
Donkey Kong, Zenonia (I dislike it, but you did say RPG), Cave Story is very action filled.
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User Info: Number43

6 years ago#4
Alpha Bounce

User Info: Slaysme

6 years ago#5
Donkey kong is great! Zenonia sucks. It sucked at .99, and sucks even more at 8$
Alpha bounce is good, shante is a pretty good game, but expensive. Tetris, if you don't plan on getting the retail title. Maybe you'd like dq wars... .
Most of the 3d classics are pretty good, ESP Kirby, of you've never played that game. Freaky forms is ok. Metroid 2 IS a good game.
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User Info: Mr_Grieves

6 years ago#6
get Mario Land 2 its fun or Zelda Links Awakening
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