what's in the new update?

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User Info: thaininja

5 years ago#1
their a lot of posts about the update but as i wait, i'm just curious what am i waiting for?

User Info: Madaggar

5 years ago#2
- Video Recording (10 minute max)
- Find Mii 2, lots of new hats
- New Puzzle Swap panels
- Nintendo Zone, aka Advertisement Central based on SpotPass
- New functions for Mii Plaza
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
5 years ago#3

From: Madaggar | #002
Nintendo Zone, aka Advertisement Central based on SpotPass

not really. use it in Best Buy to save 10% off 3DS games. play games. watch videos.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

5 years ago#4
In Japan use it at Yodobashi Camera, McDonalds, 7-11 and heaps of other places for games, demos, info, networking and coupons sometimes.

User Info: Madaggar

5 years ago#5
So basically, advertisements.
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User Info: Makeveli_lives

5 years ago#6
-->3D Video Camera: No longer will the 3DS be stuck with taking only 3D pictures, but now up to 10 minutes at a time of 3D video will also be possible.
-->3D Stop-Motion Software: Nintendo isn’t simply giving us a 3D video camera program, but also software to make more use out of taking 3D video. Soon, you’ll be able to make stop-motion films with your 3DS. Think of something like this video, but in 3d!
-->3DS Software Transfer: Nintendo will finally allow for the ability to transfer games to another 3DS. Obviously, you’ll most likely still be tied to a single 3DS, but now those of you who go out and buy a brand new Zelda-themed 3DS, you can transfer your games over and keep your games!
-->Download in Sleep Mode: The 3DS will soon allow you to put it to sleep while downloading items. This means, you can go to the eShop, buy and start a download game, and simply put the 3DS to sleep while you wait.
-->Updated eShop: The Nintendo 3DS eShop will soon include demos (of both retail and digital games) and DLC.
Mii Plaza Additions: Updates to the Mii Plaza and StreetPass system will be coming, too. A Find Mii II will be added along with some more puzzles and more.
-->Nintendo Zone: This is only when in a free AT&T WiFi hotspot, but it could still be pretty neat. When in one of those hotspots (I believe there are over 25,000 in the U.S. alone), free videos and other things will be streamed, downloaded and ready for you to interact with.
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User Info: Foofyhead

5 years ago#8
The 3DS does not allow for olfactory stimulation. That's in a future update.
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User Info: lizard81288

5 years ago#9

I HAVE to update for the e-shop?! Lame. Was anything added to the e-shop?
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

5 years ago#10
lizard81288 posted...

I HAVE to update for the e-shop?! Lame. Was anything added to the e-shop?

Uh... How is that lame...?
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