3DS Ambassadors, I have to ask: are you satisfied NOW?

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User Info: PaperDolphin

5 years ago#51
Yoshi's Island alone is enough to satisfy me :)

User Info: scotpelk

5 years ago#52
lizard81288 posted...
Not really.

The Ambassador games seemed rushed, since they have to update them later. There is no wi-fi multiplayer on any of the games. Why bother giving me multiplayer games without giving me some way of playing with others. Atleast the NES games has some way of doing that.

I would have liked it, if they put effort into them. SMB and zelda should have 3D Classics instead. The GBA games are better than the NES games though.

As for the 3DS, no. It feels rushed since they had to update it to unlock basic things, such as e-shop & internet. They should have waited and released it during the holidays.

I get what you're saying, but part of me still doesn't understanding the waiting logic that gets posted around here. Why don't the people who feel this way just wait themselves instead? It's not like we didn't know the 3DS would be missing features and no one was forced to buy it before then if they were going to be that unsatisfied with it.

The way I see it, if a company releases a product now with extra features to come later, then at least the people who want to start enjoying it now can. If the company didn't release it until later when the extra features were finished, then no one would be able to enjoy it until later. During that in between time period, how is nothing better than something? The only way this makes sense to me, is that if by not releasing a product until it's done, the finished product comes out sooner. Otherwise, if the full thing isn't coming out until date X anyway, why is it a bad thing to get most of it before then? By that logic, PC game companies should never allow beta access.
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User Info: The_Bean

5 years ago#53
I'm NEVER satisfied!

It's a curse..

User Info: elitepeach

5 years ago#54
I am. Way better games than the NES ones. WarioWare ftw.

User Info: soulofninjasoul

5 years ago#55
hatemakingnames posted...
20 games.. I already owned 10 of them, 8 of them suck, (Some overlap on own/suck) and I paid $250 instead of:

-$110 ($170 with $60 gift card)
-$170 and could have still been an ambassador for a purchase right as the price drop happened

So.....no, I'm not "satisfied" and I didn't think I would be, but it's better than paying $250 and getting nothing, so it's not terrible either.

I'm with you on this one. Will be picking up a Vita and selling my 3ds later on.
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