Should have been warioware twisted instead

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User Info: MogKnightAzure

5 years ago#1
Wouldn't that work with the gyro controls in the 3DS? Think about it.

Also replace Mario Kart with Golden Sun
Replace F-Zero with Golden Sun 2
Replace Wario Land 4 with Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Too many RPGs? RPGs are popular and these 3 are great. Too many racing games, weak ones too.
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User Info: Magozi

5 years ago#2
They'd have to configure that into the emulator, and that would take a while, which would be hell on earth for the ambassadors.
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User Info: lizard81288

5 years ago#3
Because then Nintendo would have to try.
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User Info: Shadowman621

5 years ago#4
Maybe what they should do is make a new Warioware game for the 3DS that incorporates elements from Touched and Twisted. Warioware: Twist and Touch
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

5 years ago#5
Warioware's Twisted Touch

User Info: Fishbulb

5 years ago#6
Naw. Twisted was horrible.. The calibration was always needing to be reset and the minigames just weren't as interesting.

Also I think it would suck trying to spin the 3ds around instead of a gbasp.
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User Info: FrankGrimey

5 years ago#7
That reminds me...wasn't ML: SSS originally one of the confirmed games? Or was it always a rumor?
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User Info: SenorLovecraft

5 years ago#8
Nintendo's programmers don't even know how to add multiplayer to the games, do you really think they could emulate the tilt sensor?

User Info: soulofninjasoul

5 years ago#9
Warioware twisted is superior in every way, shape and form.
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