Ideas for a new 3DS Zelda

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User Info: BluesMX90

5 years ago#1
I'm sure many have also thought of this, and I know there's already a new 3DS Zelda on the way, but what if there was a "The Legend of Paper Zelda: [insert subtitle here]" for the 3DS?

It would be similar to Paper Mario, but without the RPG elements. And since this is Paper Zelda, the main protagonist could be Toon Link, (I think it would make the most sense) and the antagonist would be Vaati.

Of course, it would have the standard dungeon items like, the arrows, hookshot, etc. And some new items too.

I also had some ideas on how to make the gameplay a little more interesting. Now in Paper Mario, when you level up, you're given the option to increase your HP, FP, (flower points) and BP. (badge points) Again, since this is a Zelda game, there will be no RPG elements, (and, yes, I know about Zelda II =P) so instead, you will start out with 3 hearts as usual, and there would be rings like in the Oracles; you can have 10 ring slots total, but you'll start out with three.

So with the rings, they can help you in four ways:


Example: +1 attack


Example: +3 hearts


Example: Run faster


Example: New sword technique

Of course, there will be other rings with different effects. They could be sold in shops; scattered throughout the overworld; or they can be found in dungeons.

Now as for dungeons, there would be 7 total: 3 starter dungeons, and 4 main dungeons. With each dungeon you beat, you will not only get a whole heart container, but you'll also get a new ring slot.

The only thing I haven't really come up with is a plot, as I have no idea what that would be like.

So, anyway, that's my idea. This isn't too much like the Oracles aside from the rings, is it? I'm trying to make it seem more similar to Paper Mario. Any thoughts?
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User Info: pikachupwnage

5 years ago#2
*Comes in expecting a terrible abomination*


*passes out*
This news has just filled my heart with rainbows-Ghirahim
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User Info: Kyoskue

5 years ago#3
What I don't understand is that Mario has like 8 RPG games but Zelda has... 0.
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