Swapnotes you like to get, and ones you don't.

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User Info: elheber

5 years ago#1
I like:
Neat drawings (nintendogger does some pretty nice ones, for example).
Straight-up 3D game screenshots.
Pictures of really cute animals in 3D. They have to be REALLY cute.
Funny musings and one-liners with illustrations ("do zombies stop eating someone's brain when he becomes a zombie too?").
Extreme pop-out 3D images.

I don't like:
Games (like connect-four, tic-tac-toe, etc... sorry, they aren't fun IRL either).
Random pictures (I know what a Tabasco bottle looks like in 3D already).
Unpersonalized greeting cards. They don't make me feel special at all.
Pictures of d***s in 3D (you know who you are, both of you) even if they fall into the "extreme pop-out" category. Not cool.

So, how 'bout you guys?
"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."
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User Info: Patheticus

5 years ago#2
Top Tier
- Well drawn stuff
- 3D photos of figures or other interesting subjects

Okay Tier
- Random drawings/musings
- Comics

Crap Tier
-Blurry/Genital photos
-Words only

User Info: Drpsy45

5 years ago#3
I've been so grateful that most of the people on my friendlist are AMAZING. I enjoy reading every single message and comment, and I apologize for not sending any drawings since I am really bad at it.
Uhm lets see...favorite swapnotes I like to get are:
Messages that take advantage of the 3D. There are some awesome drawings. I think my favorite one was the one TheNazzaro drew, the one where the guy was eating a booger. I know its gross, but I thought that was hilarious.
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User Info: strongo9

5 years ago#4
cool stuff

random crap
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

5 years ago#5
I guess I'm lucky, I've registered tons of friend lately from Gamefaqs, and they all turned out really nice.
Haven't seen any type of negativity at all yet. Unless you count some bad drawings, but those are almost always accompanied by an apology over the quality lol.

To be on topic though:

Animal photos.
Cool photos.
Drawings, good or bad.
Comic type stories.

General communication, and text. That's the expected use of the system.

I really haven't experienced any yet, but I certainly wouldn't want any type of nekkidness being sent. I tend to open new messages around my family and they like to see the sketches fill out.
So, yeah, no naughty stuff please.
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User Info: elheber

5 years ago#6
I don't get enough drawings. Pretty much just one person on my friend list draws. The rest pretty much only write. I'd like more drawings, or illustrations in what you write.
"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."
NERD (NDF Equilibrium Reestablishment Division) Head

User Info: stromvancouver

5 years ago#7
Like: most stuff I get (random thoughts, pictures, photos, games)

Dislike: illegible handwriting. Honestly, if you aren't even going to take the time to make it readable, don't bother writing it. If I can't read the note at a glance, I just pass it.
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User Info: SouljaWeezy

5 years ago#8
I like: Nikki's notes

I dislike: When Nikki draws inappropriate stuff
YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!! Crank Dat Soulja Weezy!!
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