Why can't I Street Pass my friend?

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User Info: BizzyBum

5 years ago#11
I set up my brother's 3DS and we cannot SP eachother for anything. I made sure he updated, wireless on and blinking, set up SP, and nothing being blocked. I also turned off our wirless router to enable SP mode and still nada.

I've run out of ideas as to why it's preventing us.
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

5 years ago#12
There is no limit. You just have to make sure you BOTH are checking your Mii Plaza before your next StreetPass (which would be in 8 hours). I am also certain that you need to use them in "Find Mii" and Puzzle. That part I'm not 100% but definitely make sure you BOTH check your Mii Plaza after your StreetPass.
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