Best way to clean between the hinge?

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User Info: Awesomeggs

5 years ago#11
I thought about using compressed air, but then I would need to go out and buy some. :p
I don't think I would use it very often either.
So I ended up getting an index card and covered it with a cleaning cloth. Worked like a charm. ^_^
Niels, when I get another toothbrush, I will definitely try that out.
Thanks for the help guys! My 3DS is now squeaky clean.
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User Info: robomasteralpha

5 years ago#12
nintendogger posted...
Zero_Maniac posted...
1. Find a source of wind.
2. ????
3. Profit(?)

Made me think of Zelda. lol

Poor Pipit. He must be embarrassed to show Karane where he lives.
Suffer, like G did?

User Info: gamezrochard

5 years ago#13
Zero_Maniac posted...

I was messing with you bro, don't get too worked up O_o.

Horrible joke, bro, it wasn't funny at all and didn't even sound like you were joking. Just that you lacked knowledge on what the power of an air can can actually do.
Now if we were talking about the compressor machine in my garage...
Quoting the Topic Creator's original post is stupid and redundant.
I'm here for intelligent arguments or flaming. It's your job to decipher which.
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