How long before I can streetpass the same person again?

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User Info: hailnickgriffin

5 years ago#1
I've heard a lot of conflicting information. My friend is utterly convinced you can only streetpass the same person once a day. While that would seem to be the case with the two of us, I was at a convention and streetpassed this one guy about 4 or 5 times. Has Nintendo officially said anything on this?

User Info: Kira_Elric2

5 years ago#2
I used to believe that it was every 8 hours as me and my friends systems would connect only that often. However, when I went to see a movie I street passed someone before the movie began and after it was over. My guess would be that the more you street pass with the same person, or the more often the systems stay in close contact, the longer it takes until it caps out at 8 hours. And No, Nintendo has never officially said anything about the time between Streetpasses.

User Info: jEr3mY

5 years ago#3
8 hours is the general time.. I've StreetPassed myself (own two machines) TWICE within 30mins..

Left the house and turned them both on just before leaving, got the SP hit.. got on train within 20mins from leaving home and a few stations later (they're like a 90sec to 2min between each station) I got another SP hit.. BUT only one 3DS got the two hits, whereas the other one only got the single hit (couldnt remember which one but think ti was the first when I left)

I also played with the times a bit too, but that doesn't do anything..
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User Info: TLein

5 years ago#4
It actually is 8 hours. but sometimes, its more of a glitch than anything, it will streetpasss twice. My nephew has 1 and I see him quite regularly. He came in one day and I was playing Find Mii 2, and I got a pass and could use his Mii, but he didnt. AFTER i closed the game out to try and get him a Pass we both got one. It gave me 2 that time. I've kept his overnight before, to download games and demos, and every 8 hours it would StreetPass. I juss think that sometimes it can glitch, especially since our times are different per spamming for Play Coins....
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  3. How long before I can streetpass the same person again?

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