3DS System Transfer Information (Read before Posting!)

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5 years ago #70
Not sure if anyone ever try this, but I have a question about my situation. I have a launch 3DS with Ambassador and stuff and an XL with Mario Kart. I would like to swap between the 2 devices. I was thinking of doing this:

3DS, XL, and spare. XL -> Spare, so spare has MK, XL becomes clean. 3DS -> XL, so all my stuff are on XL. Then, after time period, spare -> 3DS, so my original 3DS has the digital Mario Kart.

This should theoretically work, but anyone able to confirm?

Only reason I want to do this is because I have the physical version of Mario Kart and don't want to redo everything, but still plan to keep my original 3DS to lend to my bro with a fresh Mario Kart.
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