3DS System Transfer Information (Read before Posting!)

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4 years ago #109
I've been trying to use my new 16 gig card to replace my old 2 gig.

Works fine then 10 seconds later "SD card has been removed" message pops up. Been trying to fix this for about two hours now.

Sometimes I'd be able to play a random Ambassador game, return to the Home menu causing it to save but it says save has been corrupted.

My old 2 gig still works great. Hopefully it never runs into any problems.

The 16 gig card is a Sandisk Ultra Class 10 whatever.

I've followed Nintendo's own guide
this one: http://lofi-gaming.org.uk/blog/2012/01/19/how-to-upgrade-your-nintendo-3ds-sd-card/
and I've scoured the entire web, nothing.
We have entered an endless recursion of time.