3DS System Transfer Information (Read before Posting!)

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User Info: HeaderHog

5 years ago#71
When I got my DSi, it had five games predownloaded on it.
When I tried to transfer the games, they wouldn't. Can you explain this?
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GalladetheGreat posted...
jaziz20 posted...
I just tried the transfer from memory card to other, and it didnt work. I followed all the steps listed. What went wrong?

This happened to me as well.

When I got a new SD card, I put it in to make sure it worked and it made folders for the data.
There's a folder called something like "Nintendo 3DS" and in it is a folder which is a bunch of random letters and numbers.
I copied the old card's data and told it to overwrite files with the same name, but...
I had the newly created folder with no games in it and the old folder with my games, which was named a different bunch of random letters and numbers. It was looking in the new one with nothing in it. So I deleted the new folder to get it to recognize the old data.
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User Info: ilikepie641

5 years ago#73
Question, when transfering from a dsi to a 3ds do you think it would be possible to copy the contents of the dsi sd card before transfering, transfer from the dsi to 3ds, then overwrite the new data on the dsi with the old back up so you can still play the games on your dsi and 3ds? since you know... dsi to 3ds transfer deletes save data.

Target System

20.Tap "Delete" to confirm deletion of all Nintendo 3DS data on the target system's SD Card. Tap the blue “Delete” button to begin the transfer.

•If "Do Not Delete" is selected, the Target system will request to perform the transfer without deleting the Nintendo 3DS data on the SD Card. Tap "Yes" to begin the transfer.

21.When the transfer is complete, tap "OK" to restart the system.

Source System

22.Remove the SD Card from the source system as it will now be used in the target system.

Horribly confused about 20. delete/VS/do not delete

I'm considering trading in my old 3ds, but would like to keep using the same/old sd card,
-In this case, would I have to choose Not to delete?
-and just stick the card in the new ds AFTER the transfer?

*What's this bidness about "formatting"?

~Since the FireEmblem 3ds will have the game pre-installed, is there a possibility that it would somehow delete it after "cleaning the slate" on this new system somehow o.o? (I don't expect Ninty to overlook this, but I would like a better understanding)
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(edited 5 years ago)
I doubt it would erase, honestly.
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User Info: Gogeta_SSJ_4

4 years ago#76

User Info: BigReed

4 years ago#77
If anybody needs help or has any questions about the guide, just PM me rather than posting in here. I don't check this topic, but I do respond to PMs that request help.

I'll attempt to help on anything 3ds related.
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User Info: LukeyC224

4 years ago#78
I have a question. I'm buying a white 3DSXL bundle with pre-installed MK7 on it tomorrow. Now, when I do the transfer from my old system to the new one, will everything that is installed on the new system (Mario Kart 7 most importantly) be left on there? What gets removed from the target system?
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User Info: Thunderbird8

4 years ago#79
You will need to redownload Mario Kart to the target system, but it will be possible to do so (I did this last week).

Also, when I did the transfer, the Parental Controls and Internet Settings did not transfer (though everything that was a part of the Nintendo DS Connections area did).

Pre-installed DSiWare can't be transferred off of the DSi that came with it, but as far as I can tell, this does not apply to 3DS digital games.

Transferring games from a DSi to a 3DS will remove the DSi's ability to run those games. While I haven't actually tried it myself (all of my transferable DSiWare has already been moved off and I'm just stuck with the games that can't be moved), I suspect that you wouldn't be able to copy the games back onto the system.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 years ago#80
I have a question. It says there's a 5 transfer limit. What is it tied to? The system, or the data you're transferring... or what?
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