I have enough left over for a $1.99 download

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User Info: Vyers

5 years ago#11
Escapes GO!. My favourite $2 game.
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User Info: Antiyonder

5 years ago#12
Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory

User Info: JoeBudden42

5 years ago#13
NewportBox100s posted...
Mario Clock .

lol I admit I've wasted quite a bit of time on that
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User Info: bulbinking

5 years ago#14
distr0ia posted...
10-Second Run

This, its an awesome game (although much easier to control with DSi D-pad then the kinda crappy 3DS d-pad, and don't even try to use the analog pad for it).
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User Info: toma13

5 years ago#15
brainfreeze10 posted...
toma13 posted...
I have Super Mario Land already... Catrap looks good but I'm a bit short... although I found the source to the original BASIC version and I was thinking of trying to port it to Petit Computer.

Make sure to post the QR code if you achieve this :)

The source I found uses peek/poke commands which aren't supported so I might not be able to... but it'll be fun to try. It's been forever since I've played with Basic.
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User Info: urmomishawt04

5 years ago#16
go with cattrap you won't be disappointed

one of my favs
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User Info: NewportBox100s

5 years ago#17
Antiyonder posted...
Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory

This is on the eshop ? ?

User Info: Phantom_Nook

5 years ago#18
IIf you don't have SML2, wait until next week when it goes on sale.
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User Info: toma13

5 years ago#19
Hey, I know this is bumping an old thread but I finished that Pitman remake I was talking about. I ended up writing my own totally new code instead of using the old source I found online. The level layouts are mostly unchanged though. You can get the QR codes here: http://www.spoonybard.com/petit-computer

Game features:
-50 stages
-Save system
-Can skip levels
-Records lowest number of moves used to clear a level
-Time travel mechanic similar to Catrap (up to 256 times... any more than that and you might as well restart anyway)
-Ending sequence when all 50 stages are cleared

It probably took me about a week to code/test it. Let me know what you guys think.
Username for pretty much everything: BngryBt

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

5 years ago#20
GO Series: Undead Storm might be up your alley for a time-waster.


Flip the Core
Rabi Laby 2
10 Second Run
Ace Mathician (won't waste much time, unfortunately)
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