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User Info: legendarylemur

4 years ago#31
Makeveli_lives posted...
From: legendarylemur | #026
Using Charizard or Moltres or my personal favorite Articuno practically lands you in a situation where you're using 5.5 Pokemon against 6. Anybody with a half a brain will know that that's a huge disadvantage, since keeping one of your Pokemon alive may win you the game.

Again, tiers.

3rd Gen in this sense had a more stable metagame where Pokemon didn't just flat out get outclassed like that (unless its stats really sucked). Even putting rapid spinner doesn't always protect your fliers. At least Spikes only got more useful when used in succession. Stealth Rock only requires one usage.

Stealth rock didn't exist in gen 3, so what point are you trying to make with this statement?

Oh, and most people stay in one tier. Because there are so many Pokemon, a guy who rules NU can't just waltz into OU and expect to win.

So you feel anything other then OU tier isn't even worth playing? You're not everybody. You're like the guy that complains about people picking the same guys in a fighting game online. Just because certain characters gets used more doesn't mean that it's the only way to play, by using just them.

And you've clearly never played a Drizzle team when Swift Swim wasn't banned. Like I said before, having every single one of your opponent's Pokemon be faster than you while adding onto the fact that Water Pokemon are naturally pretty good?

I have and it's called switching to Sandstorm. Sure, both off us will probably be in a switching war or whatever to get our desired weather condition, but you're acting like getting a swift swimmer in the rain is the end of the battle. So, like I said earlier, learn to work around it and stop complaining.

Even NU has Stealth Rock. Using a 4x weakness to Rock monster ANY TIER will end up gimping you.

Stealth Rock didn't exist in Gen 3, which allowed the use of the likes of Charizard. Are you seriously forgetting why we're having this entire argument? It's to prove why Gen 3 metagame was the best.

Also, where on earth did I say anything other than OU is not worth playing... Are you kidding me right now? I said anybody who's good at NU can't just dive into OU, and to clarify, conversely, anybody playing OU can't just dive into NU and hope to succeed.

And... you're serious? Switching a sand stream user into any Pokemon with Swift Swim is a suicide rofl
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Official legendarylemur. Totally real

User Info: legendarylemur

4 years ago#32
Btw, to add to that, Ninetales dies at the hands of Swift Swimmers, too... so... can you see why it's broken? Politoed can be switched out. Anybody who's using a Drizzle team will be smart enough to keep their Drizzle Pokemon at even 1 hp so they can use it later after they've taken out anybody with a Weather creating ability.

The only real counter is to consistently keep Hail up since the likes of Abomasnow handles most water types well, but that means every team requires the use of Abomasnow just to counter a potential single type of team. That's the definition of broken.

Oh, to add onto why DW might have ruined some person's favorite Pokemon, Blaziken got speed boost trolololol
The success of the 3DS will bring about the end of the world!! Now who wants pizza?
Official legendarylemur. Totally real

User Info: Lentastic

4 years ago#33
Endgame posted...
Pokémon is not a RPG series, it is a breeding/strategy series with RPG elements that are largely ignored in competitive play (only critical hits really apply)

WTF you smoking?
Of course Pokémon is a RPG series.
strategy? Pokémon is much more like Final Fantasy than it is like Age of Empires or Disgaea.

User Info: notSFF

4 years ago#34
@Endgame We HAVE given reasons, MULTIPLE TIMES. You just refuse to listen.

User Info: piepits

4 years ago#35
3rd Gen or 5th Gen...

5th Gen added so much, and yet 3rd Gen was so innovative and new...

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4 years ago#36
Gold and Silver represent
Spider-man thread? Spider-man thread.

User Info: pomebear

4 years ago#37
Gold/Silver (and the remakes) will always hold a special place in my heart, but Black/White are close behind.
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