Which 3/DS systems do you currently own?

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User Info: d0wner

4 years ago#21
Two original DS, one each DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL.

Seven total. Three Japanese, four NA.
shoot the core.

User Info: arthur8642

4 years ago#22
Black/Cobalt DSlight, a Black DSo (somewhere), and my Zelda 3DS.
imagineer: 'Next 3DS peripheral: the Spinning Chair Pro. Sit in this spinning office chair and play Face Raiders all day, without disturbing your 3D.'

User Info: startme_up

4 years ago#23
I have an original DS (with a broken hinge, but it still works), a DS Lite, a 3DS, and now a 3DS XL.

User Info: RedYoshi27

4 years ago#24
Platinum DS
Black Lite
Black DSi
Aqua Blue 3DS
Flame Red 3DS
MapleStory Windia: GladiusBoy2 17X Hero, EpochReturns 15X BowMaster, MtlJugernaut 12X Mech, RebornSharks 12X Buccaneer
Engaged to the one and only Flannery~

User Info: gala12

4 years ago#25
Platinum DS Lite
Black DSi XL
Legend of Zelda edition 3DS
Red 3DS XL
Gamertag: galamb
PSN: galamb

User Info: ScareCrow361

4 years ago#26
I own 2.
Cosmo Black American 3DS
Arctic White Japanese 3DS

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#27
I've owned like six different DSlites (I get hit by cars a lot, okay?) The black, the red, three blue ones...
And that aqua color 3DS. On my second 3DS but had to send it in a total of three times to Nintendo, so one replacement and one fix it.

User Info: Wiiplayer111

4 years ago#28
DS Phat and a Flame Red 3DS.
Look a you.... sticking to the plan.
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