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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

5 years ago#1
Brought it early this morning, a blue model, got the 2 year Gamestop warranty, and played a little bit of Street Fighter 4 and Pokemon Platinium while I could on my work breaks.

First off the system looks AMAZING. I know people say the system looks good, I know through the YT videos people say it looks good, but until you hold it in your hands, you just really don't know how good.

The control pad/D-Pad actually doesn't feel like crap to play with, the system is a crap ton lighter than the DSi XL and even more comfortable to hold, though I never had a problem with the DSiXL to begin with. The Circle Pad feels a little looser, though not in a shoddy way and overall the system feels more responsive than the regular model.

Played only SF 4 with the 3d on and well, the 3d effects are actually noticable now for me, or at least that much so. This is nice and all but the 3d is still going off.<_<

Pokemon Platinum looks great on the system. I notice the graphics look slightly washed out, but for some reason on the XL model, it doesn't really seem so bad.

If there is anything that irked me, if that the system seemed to attract fingerprints when I first played it, though I don't see them much anymore the longer I play. The finish on the model is SLICK AS HELL.

Long story short, this thing feels luxurious to hold and play.
Currently playing: Street Fighter 3(XBox360), Pokemon Emerald(tying up loose ends before moving to complete Gen 4)
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