Monster Hunter 4 TGS 2012 Trailer

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User Info: robomasteralpha

5 years ago#51
moogle69 posted...
fanboys have no life.


tallgeeseIV posted...
Cat Tanks? there are CAT TANKS?

**** yeah cat tanks!
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User Info: Non157

5 years ago#53
tallgeeseIV posted...
Cat Tanks? there are CAT TANKS?

Yup It's cat ride a tank and I hope one day Tigrex will ride a tank to attack village too lololol... just kiddind
Sakura_Railgun posted...
Youtube has to have the worst community of any site I've been to.

Then thank goodness you've never been to 4chan.
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User Info: Twilightbane

5 years ago#55
Lol what's with that duck hunt animation. Wonder if you'll see dat dog is dat bush.
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User Info: Dartkun

5 years ago#56
EvilSock1990 posted...
finally we get a spider monster.

Damn it, finally a spider monster ><

I hate spiders. Won't stop me from buying the game or anything, but damn spiders make me freak the hell out.
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User Info: Akagehisa

5 years ago#57
guys,, why is so hard for you to have a little of autocritic? capcom games alwais pushes hardware to its top in graphics, you saw RE:R (console quality graphics), MH tri is maybe the most advanced game on the wii graphically, the DmC on ps2, RE4 on wii.

I'm very dissapointed, I'm am a fan of this series, and I was expecting a huge differience to the psp's versions,,, and I'm beginning to think that this game should have been developed on WiiU first, then port it to 3ds.

About the color palette, I was expecting that since MH 3 look more colorful and animeish than MH2, I think this is the new direction for this series, but the textures look awful.

User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#58
It was not running at the screen resolution the 3DS will be running at, so it wont look as good.
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User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#59
wow, that lance x tachi... looks op'd
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User Info: ferofax

5 years ago#60
andizzle29662 posted...
This game looks amazing! The graphics are a standout on 3ds. For all the crap gamers give capcom, they have put great content and great graphics on 3ds. Monster hunter ultimate, street fighter 4, resident evil revelations.

I hope ultimate sells, so we can get this our way.

That's because they have a great engine that's tailor-fit for the 3DS (MT Framework mobile). It's smooth and snazzy and is able to sustain constant frame rates. I mean, just look at MH3G. Despite the lowres, it is visually impressive.

Also, the lowres textures doesn't necessarily just leave it at that-- the are sacrificing texture quality for EXPANSIVE AREAS. You've all seen the initial teaser where the hunter was running all over the place, and the wyvern (Rathalos?) was chasing him aggressively. That place was HUUUUUUGE. I'd personally prefer it this way.

Of course, if the WiiU ever gets a version of MH4, expect it to be HD.
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