I Just Want Bravely Default and Fire Emblem.

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User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#21
next year is going to be amazing for 3ds owners :D.
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User Info: yukito

5 years ago#22
NewbieN00b posted...
parKb5 posted...
I hear you on Bravery Default. It looks awesome.

BTW whatever happened the Beyond the Labyrinth? I remember people wanting that to be localized like a year and a half ago.

Beyond the Labyrinth apparently sucked, or something.

I think it sold very, very poorly. Usually if a niche game won't sell in Japan, companies won't even think of localizing it for an even smaller audience of interested people.
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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#23
Wesnoth is not better than FE lol

it's not better than the real Fire Emblems, but it sure as hell is superior to SS, PoR, RD, and Awakening

here's a video of Awakening's "hardest" DLC chapter (no spoilers, DLC chapters are seperate from the main story):


man, look at how HARD it is!
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