Gamestop gutting 3DS games?

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User Info: xxEvil_Deadxx

5 years ago#12
So this is really an issue? Wow, I wonder what you guys would do if you had any real problems.
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User Info: xoftheuniverse

5 years ago#13
Covering multiple things at once, Gamestop DOES SELL THESE to pre-orders from time to time, they have RESEALING machines in the back and this IS CORPORATE policy and NOT on a store basis.

P.S. Gamestop should NEVER BE A CHOICE FOR NEW PRODUCTS and I have not read the responses.
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User Info: BurgerTime79

5 years ago#14
Guys, I think you've misread the TC's post. Either that or I'm misreading it.
He's talking about the glass case with the used DS games in it. Some stores have decided to stop putting full cased used DS games out on the floor, and instead toss out the packaging to make more room in their store. He's just using the word "gutting" wrong, so you think he's referring to the practice of taking games out of the cases so the cases can be used for display.

In regards to the initial post: Yes, it stinks. If you have another store in your area that still has used 3DS games in actual cases, then just go to that one.

In regards to what everyone else is talking about: If you don't like it, then don't buy the open copy. Let the store know you won't buy it as well. This seems to be the biggest problem. Everyone cries and complains behind the back of the employees, and not enough people are standing up for consumer rights.
First things first. Open does not equal used. Open simply means it's unwrapped (not new) and may or may not have been used by an employee (which is supposed to be against corporate policy. They're only supposed to take home returned or traded games). If you're buying something in Gamestop and they offer you an open copy instead of a sealed one, simply say "No. I'd like a sealed copy". Don't let them reseal it or take their excuse. If they don't have any sealed copies, then ask them to check other stores for one. If they won't do it, or they can't find one, then let them know that they've lost a sale due to a bad policy. The wrong way to go about the situation is to leave, then cry on message boards about it, which I see way too many people do. Plus most complaints about the store are usually made up or copy/paste arguments with no facts behind them.

Ideally I'd love to see Gamestop get a better inventory system and have empty cases or slip covers shipped to them along with the first shipment of the game. This way they don't have to gut cases.
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User Info: castrejon04

5 years ago#15
I only buy used games when I really don't care about them that much. I don't buy new games unless they are sealed. If they refused to give me a sealed copy, then I'll just go to Sears next door.
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User Info: Carbuncle009

5 years ago#16
Nickcool1996 posted...
My Gamestop doesn't even have a used section for the 3DS. You have to ask them if they have some in stock >_>

I noticed that they are trying to get rid of PS2 games though.

They aren't doing a good job of it then if one GS has P4 AND P3 in stock around my place. And this is in the one state where you have an excuse to stay indoors.
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