Bowser's Inside Story?

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User Info: DeathSnipe777

5 years ago#11
The Paper Mario games don't really reference each other. However, M&L games somewhat have a continuity. The more recent games reference the past games, and the main villain of M&L: Bower's Inside Story is a villain from the first game. He even mentions his past experiences with Mario and Luigi.
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User Info: Compass

5 years ago#12
kuragari1anonly posted...


And like somebody else said, you'll definitely need fairly precise timing to avoid damage, both as Bowser and especially M&L. Some hits can really do a number on ya if you don't dodge. Still, it's nothing *too* difficult. It is still a Mario game after all...

User Info: DarkStorm20191

5 years ago#13
Magikoopa21 posted...
Can anyone tell me if the combat in Bowser's Inside Story requires pushing buttons at a certain time for more damage? I didn't like that system in PM: TTYD or M&L:SS, because I'm not great with timing things right and prefer traditional turn-based combat. So can anyone tell me if it's timed or difficult? Thanks!

Um, how old are you exactly? Because even elementary school kids don't have problems with the timing. These games are very straightforward as for as attacking and dodging goes. (With the exception of some final bosses, but that's another story.)

Also I'm serious, I simply cannot believe you can actually have trouble timing attacks in those games and still be allowed on this site.

Edit: Oh yeah to be fair, the whole "Advance SP. moves" in M&L(GBA) are understandable if you have trouble with them, but other than that everything is easy (timing wise.)
NameNotKnown posted...
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