3DS guys... I'm thinking about selling my Vita for a 3DS. I need some advice.

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User Info: Nickcool1996

4 years ago#71
When's the next time we'll see Vita worldwide sells? Based off of Vita's launch to June sells, the 3DS outsold it by 1 million in the first month of its own sells...

Hopefully the newer games dramatically increase that number for the Vita...

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

4 years ago#72
If you're just one of those people that sells off their systems constantly for another, I have no desire to try to shake you out of an obviously bad, money wasting habit.

If you can hold on to your Vita and still get a 3DS, that is my ultimate suggestion. If this is very much an either-or only situation, you find yourself personally concerned with the future of the Vita, and you see current and future 3DS software that looks interesting to you, then I suggest getting the 3DS.
How do I break this to you...if I never reward you with attention, I may see you as a troll.
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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#73
DemonDog666 posted...
Rurouni720 posted...
I did not, i was calling out on your little stealth "Vita>3DS" tactic that was riding along with your sentences i bolded, lrn2read. Read TC's post again, he's right in stating that the 3DS being a more popular handheld in comparison to the Vita allows it to have more selections in quality games and support (like MH4, KH3D, SMTIV, etc) and also gives third party devs incentives to make their games on it. If your are talking about popularity=/=quality then i can see your getting at. However the 3DS being popular is not the only thing thats it's driving for in gaining a lot of great games. However a great game is subjective to people so i cannot rule that out.

You are really not making any sense with your last sentence. Explain to me how the library in the Vita's selection triumphs the 3DS's in the same time frame, go ahead, cite it. And note. I am not hating on the Vita's library and it is bound to have more good games eventually (if Sony can stop being brain-dead in the market).

Tactic? Not spreading bs and being honest and telling truth is a tactic now?

No he's not, wii was most popular console and got the worst third party support, also majority of those games weren't even close to out or announced when 3DS was as old as vita, and those kind of franchise end up on all systems pretty much eventually. Though my point was popularity doesn't equal quality and being a sheep is pathetic.

3DSes library was really poor 7 months after launch that's how... not much to explain. I get there's a certain amount of subjectiveness but any fair criteria will have vita's library win out in the same time period (7 months after launch each)

One of the dumbest examples I've ever read. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Examples have to dumb for these people to understand it, and then I still have to explain it... anyways point simple cheaper doesn't mean it's a better deal, you seem to have a brain so you should understand that without the stupid example.

Right there at the bolded, is the exact problem i and nearly everyone around this board are having with you right now.

So he's wrong for stating a fact about the 3DS's popularity and support? Get a grip you child. Go back and read my first sentence again, once again you have not took the time to read at all. Consoles =/=handhelds, unless you are forgetting the PS2, an insanely popular console that has one of the best third party supports of all time. But i suppose since that one is popular going by your logic, nothing comes good out of it? Thats rather ironic given with how you've been reacting to the legitimate negative Vita sales by making troll topics against the 3DS like a sheep. But i suppose since it's Sony they get a free pass in your book for having better third party support for three gens now along with popularity in the last 2 gens?

Probably the one thing are pretty right on, the 3DS did have a poor start and the launch titles sucked but at least it got back on it's feet once Nintendo realized they screwed up. Granted that was past the several months timeframe. And Hell look at the Vita's sales right now, even after the better launch it's selling DC numbers with barley any widely recognized titles in the mass handheld market being supported on it. Worse than the 7 months of the 3DS going by both hardware and software sales, it's irrelevant. Especially when you count in ports good PS3 titles.


User Info: Sagadego

4 years ago#74
DemonDog666 posted...
Baha05 posted...
Yeah because in terms of pricing a cheaper product that does roughly the same thing is a good deal. With Handheld gaming devices for the main 3 the 3DS is a better deal price wise. Game wise it's debatable as different opinions.

Also like it was pointed out Console =/= Handheld

Only someone ignorant would think vita and 3DS do roughly the same thing.

someone ignorant like you?

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 years ago#75
1) Keep your Vita. Like you said killer games are coming out soon. Just be patient and keep your investment clean and in good working condition.

2) Save up for a 3DS XL. Longer battery life. Bigger screens so your vision won't go bad from squinting onto the smaller, original screen, feels better in your hands similar to the Vita.
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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#76
DemonDog666 posted...

Check again on the 3DS's lineup because it's definitely not following the Wii's suit in terms of third party support. There maybe a couple of shovelware from hear to there (like any other console/handheld have) but the quality third party support is recognizable and anyone who passed the 6th grade could see it. Pay attention.

Oh my god Demon! Your are like so true on that, how can i be so blind?! (lol) But seriously, try again. DCKR? Thats been cited by many fans to have been the best sequel in return to DKC (assuming thats the SNES title you are talking about) developed on the Wii, where are you living under? SM3DLand would like a word with you, unless you'll forget that and will dismiss it as "lol another dumb mario rehash". Tons? Where? List them right here, are you talking about on the 3DS? Wii? As i thought. Controls are subjective among others, and most people around here would definitely disagree with you on your doubtful claim on it "not being up to Nintendo's usual standards". It actually sets their standards up by a good lot with focusing on a 25 year old franchise by giving it a major overhaul. But oh well since you said "it's a port/remake"....No, thats very subjective and i've seen most users like TP/SS just as much as OoT/MM or even more. Stop focusing on just the negatives and pay attention to the positives as well, Demon. Of course you'd say that, you are one of the biggest Sony fantrolls around this site who will pull anything negative against Nintendo to just protect your favorite company even And this is NOT to say Nintendo don't have their fair share as well, especially with how they half-assed their online on the Wii (ugg.....) but at least they're fixing it with the Wii U now. Though about NoA.....

And it's GPU is higher than both consoles and is cited several times to be stronger than current gen systems, and sports a GPGPU which makes up for the CPU performance. Especially with a couple reliable insiders in NeoGaf who know info on the next gen twins possibly using a GPGPU function as well (from what i believe). Thats only if porting will be a hassle since the Wii's power and architecture was vastly different and inferior. The Wii U's architecture is confirmed to be in the same league as the next gen consoles. Regardless, if third party devs see the Wii U as a market to put their quality games in then they will do as they see fit even with power. The PS2 was weaker than the GC/XBOX and yet it's popularity and support was unanimous, for example. It lies into speculation and debate this time but i doubt the next gen twins will reach to what people are expecting (unless that GTX-something GPU 8xxx rumor is true). Back on the 3DS though, price drop and MK7/3DLand/MH3G during the holidays sorting a bigger boost in sales along with OoT3D helping out in some places. And with plenty of other popular Japanese titles that help raised the bar with the 3DS i highly doubt your petty claim with the 3DS becoming another 2011/beyond-Wii. Yep, you clearly don't know what your talking about nor do you understand what the term an "opinion" is when it comes to the quality of games on the Wii. Baseless speculation upon weak comparisons and whatnot. Just go back to your board and call it a day, really demon. Pathetic.

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#77
Ame_no_Murakumo posted...
Don't do it. Save up for a 3DS. You'll regret it later.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#78
Nnamz posted...
Just save up and get a 3DS. Vita will has games and will continue to have games in genres that 3DS is lacking in, and vice versa. Look at how barren the release list for quality games was this summer for Vita. If I didn't have a 3DS I would have been bored out of my mind. Now look at this falls releases for the 2 system, Vita kills 3DS. Having both means I will always have something to play. Unless you want to play mediocre games to keep yourself busy, owning both is a necessity.

EDIT: Oh and get an XL. The XL is great, the regular one is terribly designed.

This. 3DS had nothing in june but Vita had gravity rush and MGS then july-june had Theathryhm, Kingdom hearts and NSMB 2 from 3DS while Vita was silent.

3DS actually has a killer e-shop lineup and more games then given credit for this holiday though

1001 spikes
Brain age concentration
Epic mickey power of illusion
Gunman clive
Fluidity spin cycle
Liberation maiden.
Nightsky 3D
Paper mario sticker star
Prof layton miracle mask
Scibblenauts unlimited
Unchained blades rexx

A few others as well.
"Let's get comfortable in these nice comfy chairs."
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#79
*Sees Demondog666*


>Topic list
"Let's get comfortable in these nice comfy chairs."
Official electric boogaloo mint scoop with a cherry on top of the IDF

User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#80
pikachupwnage posted...
*Sees Demondog666*


>Topic list

It's really pathetic, isn't it? Trying to make the 3DS out to be a failure in the long run in order to glorify his favorite system.
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