now that PokemonB/W(2) is out, your reaction if the next Pokes game still on DS?

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  3. now that PokemonB/W(2) is out, your reaction if the next Pokes game still on DS?

User Info: wisemidds

5 years ago#31
The games haven't changed graphically much since the GBA days bar the odd extra attack animation or 3d ish overview of a city. So it makes no difference what system it's on. The series needs a kick up the backside and needs updating. Whilst its being designed with old hardware in mind this won't happen.
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User Info: Wetterdew

5 years ago#32
I would be really disappointed. Even more confused.
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User Info: Carbuncle009

5 years ago#33
Carbuncle fainted!
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User Info: Master X

Master X
5 years ago#34
Nah, R/S/E will be 3DS. GBA had B/R/G/Y and the DS had G/S/C. Will we get the next new entry or the remake first is the question. probably NEW GAME then REMAKE then SPECIAL OR SEQUEL
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User Info: Hejiru206

5 years ago#35
I don't think it will be on the DS. All signs point to Gen 6 being released earlier than usual. There's an interview where Game Freak explains why Black/White 2 was on the DS. They were originally going to do Gray, but Nintendo told them that if they wanted it to be on the DS they'd have to do something more different. So they did sequels. They wanted it to be on the DS so it would feel like the same world. Also, it kinda gives off the implication that Nintendo wasn't too happy about them staying on the DS. (Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.)

Now if you'll notice, Gen 5 had three "secret" Pokemon just like Gen 4. But Gen 4's secret were revealed steadily over three years, and Gen 5 dumped them out all at once. That's pretty unusual. A new main series Pokemon game coming out on the DS is very unlikely at this point; the 3DS is already more than a year old and we'd probably be talking two years by the time the next Pokemon would be released. I can't see that happening.

So some of us in the Pokemon fandom are speculating that they're trying to hurry and wrap up Gen 5 quicker than they planned, so they can get on the 3DS with Gen 6. Or if they want to stall Gen 6 for a while, maybe Ruby/Sapphire remakes on the 3DS.

There is a new Pokemon movie in Japan every summer, and they usually coincidence with fall (in Japan) game releases. This past summer was Keldeo and Kyurem, to advertise BW2. Just like the Giratina/Shaymin movie was for Platinum and the Arceus movie was (somewhat) for HGSS. The next movie, Summer 2013 is Genesect. Now, Game Freak is a creature of habit. They've fallen into a pattern in the post-Advance generations. It's unusual to get a Pokemon movie staring just one Pokemon. There's usually a movie announcement, then later they reveal a new Pokemon that will co-star, and update the movie title.
"Here's a Groudon movie. Surprise! Jirachi will be in it!"
"Here's a Rayquaza movie. Surprise! Deoxys and Munchlax will be in it!"
"Here's a new Mew movie. Surprise! Lucario will be in it!"
"Here's a Kyogre movie. Surprise! Manaphy will be in it!"
"Here's a Dialga/Palkia movie. Surprise! Darkrai will be in it!"
"Here's a Giratina (Regigigas) movie. Surprise! Shaymin will be in it!"
"Here's a Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Giratina movie. Surprise! Arceus will be in it!"
"Here's a new Celebi & Legendary beasts movie. Surprise! Zoroark will be in it!"
"Here's a Reshiram/Zekrom movie. Surprise! Victini will be in it!"
"Here's a Kyurem movie. Surprise! Keldeo will be in it!"

That's kind of a rough summary based on memory, but you get the gist.

[continued in next post]

User Info: Hejiru206

5 years ago#36
So now they're saying "Here's a Genesect movie." Unless they're changing their behavior, chances are a new Pokemon will co-star. But... there aren't any more left. And why did they skip Meloetta? Meloetta is getting a starring role in the anime instead. Did they plan to do that? That's never happened before.
Now, it is possible that Genesect will be in this movie alone, or maybe a new forme of an old Pokemon will co-star, or maybe just an old Pokemon. But if tradition holds, and we're right about them hurrying with Gen 6, then we might get the 6th Gen version of Munchlax revealed in Spring 2013, with the focus on its role in the Genesect movie, leading to a possible Fall 2013 release of the 6th Gen games in Japan, which would presumably lead to an American release in Spring 2014.
Notice that the key word here is "might." None of this is confirmed, it's just speculation based on Game Freak's past behavior.

Or another possibility is that a 3rd Gen Pokemon like Jirachi will be in the Genesect movie, leading to an announcement of Ruby/Sapphire 3DS remakes. But I think the 6th Gen thing is more likely.

If you're not a Pokemon fan, this probably sounds like a wild jump to conclusions. But if you've been hanging around Pokemon communities for a while, this is hardly surprising.

User Info: Bloodmoon77

5 years ago#37
Thank jesus I don't have to buy a 3DS.
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User Info: Kenta_PKMN

5 years ago#38
What the heck is dream radar
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User Info: Hejiru206

5 years ago#39
Kenta_PKMN posted...
What the heck is dream radar

It's a downloadable 3DS app that lets you capture Pokemon using AR. Sort of like Face Raiders with Pokemon. The game has about 25-30 Pokemon and once you catch them you can transfer them to Black 2 or White 2, and they'll have their hidden abilities. (Except Rotom, because it doesn't have one.)
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User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#40

Then I'll buy it because honestly I really don't give enough of a **** to not buy it just because it's on the DS.
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  3. now that PokemonB/W(2) is out, your reaction if the next Pokes game still on DS?

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