What is your favorite portable gaming memory?

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User Info: keyblade_lord

5 years ago#51
Playing the Crystal Chronicles games with my sis. Maybe playing through TWEWY or Phantom Detective. Or Ace Attorney, all of em. Also Pokemon tourney with 16 of my friends. Too many memories xD
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User Info: paralyzed21

5 years ago#52
getting castlevania the adventure
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User Info: Mangafreak17

5 years ago#53
- Finally beating Link's Awakening on the 3DS years after I first played it.
- Discovering the greatness of 999 and subsequently discovinering a sequel would come out.
- Finding out Dragon Quest 9 was a DS exclusive.
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User Info: oldvuz_ranga

5 years ago#54
Beating Link's Awakening at 2am with one of those snake lights.

User Info: crazymerio

5 years ago#55
6 things

Getting Elite Beat Agents on Christmas morning and playing it until the delicious Christmas breakfast that my mother and sister's slaved over for a day. All the while getting yelled at to stop playing but thinking it was too awesome to put it down.

Getting a new ds after mine went missing for easter in the basket in the bathroom. Fun fact: the old one was actually in a hidden compartment in my parents RV, lol. We found it years later and I sold it cheap to my nephew.

Beating Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone on GBA while in the car early in the morning on this mountain trail in Hawaii. We saw a moonbow that night which is supposedly very rare. It's essentially just a rainbow at night. Also a white owl flew straight for our car then dodged us. I thought it was awesome because it looked like Hedgwig and I was playing Harry Potter.

Getting the password for Spongebob SuperSponge on GBA to the last level from a kid who I was talking to on a fishing boat who had the same game. I still remember the password to this day. It's wmbt.

Playing Sonic Rush at my brother in law's ballroom while on a trip to visit. It was the first time I had actually tried to play the game and I was just realizing how fun it was. I remember playing it for a very long time.

Getting Meteos for DS from one of my good friends for my birthday then not playing it until the two days before christmas because I thought it looked stupid. In my family, christmas eve is at my cousin's house, so I brought my ds and the game over for christmas eve and ended up playing that game until 3 in the morning because everyone always stays up late on christmas eve. I didn't talk to anyone and my mom got quite angry at me. It was a good time.

Note: This all makes me sound very wealthy and spoiled and young. I'm 18, my parents use to have quite a bit of money but now things are tougher and yes I was a little spoiled when it comes to videogames....

Boy...that was a lot of typing...There'll be quite a few tldring.
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User Info: Slaysme

5 years ago#56
It was in the darker days, days of monochrome green and mountains of AA corpses. The past, a now mythical and wondrous place. Some how, we survived, without the internets, without gamefaqs. And there I was, stuck in the desert. Me, and a chocobo and some stupid palm trees. I was stuck there for over a year, only occasionally rearing my head to the daylight, lost, hopeless, frustrated, and way over leveled. Wtf is palm trees and eight?

I moved on, played what would be the SaGa series, greats like links awakening, sml2, and many, many more. But then the day came. I saw it in a magazine I was browsing at the store while my parents shopped. There it was, that bane of my existence. Some one else had the same problem, and had written to the magazine about it. The correct path was drawn there, in a wonderful red line, full of arrows for clarity. I ripped the tiny blurb out, holding it in my hand until we returned to the domicile. I ran upstairs, grabbed my Gameboy and the game, and Finally, at long last, finished my quest. I don't remember how much gameplay was left at this point, but I didn't stop until the credits.
The music to this Gemma of a game still plays in my mind to this day.thanks, final fantasy adventure/ sunken denutesu 1. You define my past in memory.
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User Info: SerpenterRex

5 years ago#57
Somewhere between 'Receving pokemon Gold and Silver for Christmas' and 'Finally beating nightmare on Metroid fusion in the middle of french class'.

User Info: TronBonne09

5 years ago#58
Pretending to be sick so I could play Pokemon Silver (I think?) and ended up finding Suicune! That was the only time I ever lied about being sick, but it was the right choice...haha.
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User Info: Wildkatb

5 years ago#59
Buying my GameBoy Color before a road trip.

Went to a used game store about an hour before closing with enough $ for the machine but not games. My brother and I were the only customers in the store when a couple girls walked in and started flirting with the 2 guys running the store... I got the GBC and three free games just to get us out the door!

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User Info: cironen

5 years ago#60
My parents buying me Pokemon Sapphire one day at Walmart without me knowing and giving it to me later that day when I was bored at my sister's softball tournament.

Buying Fire Emblem 7 on impulse, not knowing anything about the game or the series. I honestly have no idea why I bought it, all I know is I am EXTREMELY happy I did. Although I was too young to really figure out at the time, I played it last year and fell in love with FE.
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