What is your favorite portable gaming memory?

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User Info: Rurouni720

5 years ago#61
Playing Sonic Rush & Sonic Advance as my first DS/GBA titles that i bought after getting the DS & GBA.

User Info: Samp98518

5 years ago#62
cironen posted...
Buying Fire Emblem 7 on impulse, not knowing anything about the game or the series. I honestly have no idea why I bought it, all I know is I am EXTREMELY happy I did. Although I was too young to really figure out at the time, I played it last year and fell in love with FE.

That is basically what happened between me and Mario Golf on the GBA. Except I knew how the game worked pretty well sooner, but those are two completely different genres. Quite the strange answer when someone says "What is your favorite GBA game", and I say "Mario Golf".
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User Info: pomebear

5 years ago#63
One year before my parents and I were getting ready to go to CT for Christmas, they let me open my Christmas gift early. I got my GBA (not SP) and a travel kit to go with it. I was totally psyched about playing in the car and not having to worry about the batteries dying because it had a special plug-in.
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User Info: El_Dustino

5 years ago#64
Let's see...

-Getting and playing Pokemon Yellow for the first time on Christmas. I spent SO much time playing that game, trading Pokemon with my brother, dad, and friends, talking about the games at school, and such.

-The Christmas Eve night that I was given Pokemon Gold; I spent a lot of the night playing that game too, and man, was it amazing seeing all those clear, crisp colours on a Gameboy.

-Going with my mom to Target, I think, and when I randomly saw Fire Emblem in the GBA section; I thought it was interesting, and she randomly bought it for me, along with a really nice jacket. That i a really good memory; besides the gifts, it was also just a really nice day with my mom.

There might be more, but those are the top three.
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